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We enjoy serving our Customers 

Aaron Ingalls


I originally started this company to breed snakes, but after realizing the expenses I wanted to become a reliable resource of feeders at a cost that doesn't break the bank. I started this business in my house and I appreciate my wife and roommates for putting up with all my reptiles and rodents. I have worked hard to build this into what it has become today. I truly appreciate every customer we have! Thank you for your support! 

Travis delagerhiem

the superstar

I have worked in the animal industry for the past 10 years. In those 10 years I have worked in just about every sector of the industry: breeder, store owner, public education, import/export, husbandry equipment, wholesale/retail and now feeders. I have been able to work with hundreds of different species of reptiles and amphibians over the years but pythons, crocodilians and monitor lizards are my favorites. I believe that education is the most important aspect of keeping animals and I enjoy being able to teach the next generation of keepers what I have learned. I am happy to be part of a company that produces such a high quality product.

Your One Stop Feeder Shop

We promise to provide quality feeders to you every time. Our facility is always clean and our feeders enjoy Mazuri Rat Food and cozy Aspen Bedding. We believe strong , healthy, and well cared for feeders equals a healthy pet. All of our pre-killed feeders are euthanized with CO2 tanks to insure humane methods are being used while keeping the feeders at a high quality for your pet. 


We started in 2015 as a snake breeder with about 40 different snakes, we realized feeding our snakes was becoming expensive and there was a demand for more feeder resources. We changed to breeding rodents/feeders. Our knowledge, experience, and passion for snakes and feeders allows us to  understand what you need as a customer.  We are USDA PACFA certified. We take great pride in providing you quality feeders and insects. We believe our customers are the most important part of our success

Vets and Law Officers receive 15% off